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Why should I choose Northern Properties?

Northern Properties is a family-run local business offering a Superior standard of Student Accommodation. We are proud of the properties we have, the locations they are situated in and more importantly, the service we offer.

We always try to go above and beyond to make sure that anyone living in one of our properties is completely happy and any issues are corrected as soon as possible.

We do NOT look after anyone else’s properties – JUST OURS! This enables us to have specific properties in the best locations – just where we want them!

We believe we can also offer a higher level of service than most – any contact comes straight to the owners and not through a third party, delaying the call out times. We have our own maintenance team who can respond to any issues at very short notice, therefore not having to wait days for regular contractors.

We are local, we know the area, and we have the contacts. We are not just another ‘un-known landlord’ who rents a property or two.

We are very pro-active with everything we do, especially with our ‘rolling maintenance program’ which keeps our properties looking their best but at no cost to our students.

This is what we do, and this is ALL we do. We eat, sleep and breath student properties, we don’t have other ‘day jobs’ so therefore you don’t have to wait ‘till we’ve finished other stuff we were doing before you get our attention… we are on it straight away.

Hopefully you can see we are passionate about this! Please see our testimonials for just a small selection of ‘real’ students who have stayed with us, and to use their words, in their ‘home from home’.


Where are our properties?

We have several properties to choose from, ranging in size and locations. Our properties are cherry-picked when they come onto the market. We don’t just buy anywhere, and we are very fussy about what we want!

We carefully select locations which meet strict criteria we have set. This includes such factors as:

  • The walking time to University
  • The quality of the locations
  • The size and look of the buildings etc. etc.

We can show you round any of the properties you may be interested in when we know your requirements.

All our properties skirt the University campus are predominately within a 1minute walk of Teesside University – the closest is about 30 seconds walk away!


Who will I live with?

We offer a range of accommodation to groups of students or individuals.

If you are part of a group of students, we can show you properties that match your group size meaning just your group will live at that property.

For students who are not part of a group we have some beautiful ‘house share’ properties in fantastic locations, where all the bedrooms have full en-suite facilities and are in effect ‘self-contained bedrooms’. These properties have a large, fully equipped, communal dining kitchen and living areas with settees, flat screen TV’s, and areas to relax and un-wind with your fellow house mates.


When do contracts start and finish?

Depending on which property you are interested in will depend on the start and end dates of the contracts. All this can be discussed and explained once we have shown you the properties and we have an idea of the size and location of property you are looking for.

We always offer you a sample contract to have a look at first and would recommend you take a little time to carefully read through and ask and questions you may have. The contracts are quite straight forward; however, they are a legally binding contract so, un-like most, there’s no pressure with us and we only want you to sign when you are completely happy to do so. We also require a guarantor form in addition to the tenancy agreement. This is a standard requirement and is a form that must be signed by someone who will act as a guarantor for you, to ensure payments are made when they are due.

Should you wish to extend your contract at the end of the current tenancy, we will always look to help wherever we can.


Can I stay for another year?

The majority of students stay with us year after year – something we are very proud of and we hope reflects our commitment to looking after you!

We ALWAYS ask our students first if they would like to stay on for another year.

We’d love you to stay and it’s only right that you have the option to stay in your home for the next year if you’d like to! Obviously, sometimes groups change or may be graduating. If that’s the case, we will only then offer the property to other students.


What does it cost and when do I pay?

It depends on which property you are interested in to be able to tell you what it will cost. All this can be discussed when we have an idea of which properties are of interest. Once we have this information, a fully detailed breakdown of what the costs will be and the timescales when payment is due can be provided.

Payments can be made weekly, monthly, at the start of every term, when your student loan becomes available, or we can even take the full payment in one go at the start of your contract if you prefer – then you can forget about it!

This is also flexible between housemates. So, for example: If student ‘A’ would like to pay their rent monthly, but student ‘B’ would like to pay termly – that’s absolutely fine and we can offer this for any number of students living in the property, so everyone is happy with a payment plan that works for them on an individual basis.


What is a Bond?

A bond is a payment that must be made before the start of the tenancy agreement. This money is held to cover any damage to the property (above ‘fair wear and tear’) during your tenancy agreement. Obviously, if there is no damage or other related costs that need to be charged for this payment is returned at the end of the contract.

By law, all bond payments are transferred and held in a safe government-backed Deposit Protection Scheme, and you will receive confirmation of this from the relevant scheme.

We currently use and


What’s Included?

Our properties are all fully furnished and below is a list of what you can expect to find…

  • Smoke detectors, emergency lighting and fire alarms are fitted as standard in ALL our student properties.
  • All our properties are fitted with security alarms for your peace of mind.
  • All our properties comply with current legislation and we have a maintenance program in place for all our gas and electrical services. CP12 Gas Safe Certificates are issued on a 12-monthly basis, our fire alarm systems are tested and recorded and our electrical and wiring is checked ALWAYS according to current legislation.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors and Fire Blankets are present in all our properties.
  • Ultra-Fast 200mbps Virgin Media Fibre Wi-Fi with repeaters placed throughout the property to maintain signal strength.
  • Hard-Wired Virgin Media ethernet ports in each bedroom.
  • Large computer desk with storage and computer chair
  • High quality DOUBLE divan mattresses are in ALL our properties and presented with brand new mattress protectors which are replaced EACH YEAR. We do not supply single beds (unless you want one!)
  • Wardrobe with shelves
  • Chest of 4 drawers
  • Bedside cabinet with 3 drawers
  • Large shelving units in each bedroom
  • Blinds and/or curtains
  • Chair
  • High quality carpets, fixtures and fittings
  • Contemporary Comfortable Sofas
  • Dining tables / Coffee tables / assorted furnishings, cushions, throws.
  • Microwave
  • Extra Large Fridge Freezer with a compartment each as a minimum
  • Large capacity washing machine and condenser tumble dryer
  • All our properties are Double or Triple glazed
  • In all our properties we install a mixture of electric and thermostatically controlled showers, then if there ever was a power cut for example, you’ve still got showers to use!
  • A mixture of Private, Permit and on Street Parking is available at ALL our properties, Guest / Visitor parking permits are also available in advance for when friends and family come to stay!
  • High quality vacuum cleaners and ironing facilities.
  • En-suite Bedrooms available on a large selection of properties.
  • Garden areas / BBQ area / Enclosed, secure rear yard.


What is included in the rent?

Our ‘BILLS INCLUSIVE’ is exactly that, and includes the following:

Gas & Electricity*
Large Flat Screen TV & TV Licence
Ultra-Fast 200mbps Virgin Media Wi-Fi with un-limited downloads
Virgin Media V6 TV Package
24h Emergency Contact Telephone Number
Flexible Half Price ‘SUMMER RENT’ options
Complimentary Monthly Professional Cleaning Service for Communal areas
* Fair usage Policy Applies


Can I book an individual room?

Yes, you can. We offer properties ranging from 1-bedroom en-suite rooms through to 11-bedroom houses for larger groups, and lots in between!  Please contact us for further details and availability.


What happens if I have any maintenance issues?

We have a dedicated maintenance team on hand to quickly rectify any issues you may have during your stay. Please contact us on the numbers you will be provided with at the start of your tenancy.

Our 24-hour emergency number must only be used if it is an emergency.

We respond very quickly to any maintenance issues and in most circumstances, have any issues fixed the same day.


When can we reserve our house for the next academic year?

Our properties are marketed from November, prior to your forthcoming academic year. However, if you are already in one of our properties, we will give you the opportunity to stay in that property for the following year if you would like to. If for whatever reason you don’t, be it you are graduating or want to re-locate to one of our other properties, then we will release it and make it available for viewings by other students.

If you decide to stay on in your house, it’s just a case of signing some new paperwork and the tenancy continues for another year without any interruptions.

Once you have viewed a property and decided you like it, but you need a little time to get in touch with parents or housemates, or just a little time for everything to sink in, we can hold the property for you FREE OF CHARGE and with NO COMMITMENTS for a few days to help make sure you make the right decision. If you need any help or advice, or simply have a number of questions, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to help wherever we can.

We make a commitment at Northern Properties that there is absolutely NO PRESSURE to sign any contracts and we do NOT charge to reserve properties either.

You need to make to right choice that works for you!


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